Inez and Vinoodh, always experimenting with new ways to express their creativity, have put their current focus on jewelry with a collection of subtle statement pieces born out of love. They began working with David Rees and Ron Anderson of TenThousandThings, with whom they shot a series of portraits for V Magazine entitled Let Love Adorn You. In this series, a collection of celebrities and friends close to Inez and Vinoodh and David and Ron are photographed wearing unique jewelry made by TenThousandThings which was then auctioned off with the proceeds going towards the subject’s chosen charity. This collaboration sparked an idea which led to Inez and Vinoodh’s own project with the jewelers.

The collection started with a necklace that Vinoodh designed for Inez as a symbol of their love and of their son, Charles Star. The black oxidized silver chain holds their two wedding rings intertwined (kissing) with a small star pendant. There are ten different versions (Charles is turning ten this year) where a symbolic precious stone hangs off the bottom wedding ring: a ruby as big as a drop of blood, a clear baby diamond briolette, an emerald, a white Tahitian pearl, a black Tahitian pearl, a turquoise heart, a tooth made out of pink love stone, an amber drop, a sapphire and a diamond pave rock. The eleventh necklace holds all of the above. The same series is made in 18K rose and 18K yellow gold. The intertwined wedding rings and their precious drop exist as rings, earrings, and bangles. The fine delicate friendship bracelet version has the exact same elements, as does the unisex leather collection of multicolored necklaces and bracelets. The Jewelry Collection symbolizes love and unity in all of their splendor. This will also be represented by an ongoing serious of portraits of people who are bonded to each other in their own form of love, be it familial, professional, emotional or otherwise.